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In an increasingly connected world, computer security and a genuine concern for people's digital lives play an important role in differentiating the value of the service offering from various industries.

We support your business strategy by providing you with the best IT security solutions integrated into the connectivity offer, which will allow you to differentiate yourself in the market and make your customer base profitable.

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The importance of Cybersecurity in Colombia

Currently, with +4.1 billion people connected to the Internet in the world and more than 61% of users without knowledge of how to protect themselves from a cyberattack, exposure to threats is higher than ever


Information theft is one of the most profitable businesses for cybercriminals. Every day we open the door to this risk in all our interactions on the internet no matter how and from where we connect. The risk vectors are in turn the most commonly used by people: Emails, instant messages, websites and mobile applications.

Day by day the number of people with internet access grows in our country and the millions of users who depend on electronic banking to make their payments and other daily transactions behave to the same extent.

One of the sectors most affected by cyber attacks is the financial sector due to the millions of fraud attempts directed at banks and the users of their services. Sometimes the trap is so well developed that it is not easily identifiable with the naked eye and is It is necessary to have a tool that identifies and blocks the risk.

PYMES are the preferred target of cyberattacks with ransomware because criminals know that their security levels use to be lower than those of large companies.

For some time now, Colombia has been positioning itself as one of the countries with the highest growth in cyberattacks and since the start of the pandemic in 2020 with the exponential growth of internet connections, cases of infected computers, fraud, identity theft, have increased. theft of money and / or information.

The most vulnerable are those who are most insecurely exposed to digital life. In Colombia it is common for children to get to know strangers, in simple interactions such as video games or social networks.

Our Cybersecurity Unit

It is the business unit of CIMABRIDGE where we are dedicated to working for the quality of people's digital life, developing strategic alliances with the main players in the computer security market in the world to offer Telcos and ISPs a powerful range of solutions applicable to the monetization strategy of value-added services and customer profitability.

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We provide IT security solutions related to core connectivity businesses that will help you differentiate yourself in a highly competitive market.

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We achieve differentiation by value and with the availability of a Stand Alone security offer, we contribute to the growth of your internet business.

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We execute on your side the commercial and communication action plan and develop new profitable and effective sales channels.

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We are experts in integrations with Telcos and ISPs and we take care of the operation and support to guarantee the optimal operation of the offer.